Cy Fredrics was established and incorporated on June 20th, 1958 by Cy Lemick. The original location of Cy Fredrics was at 5023 West Oakton Street in the downtown area of Skokie, Illinois.

In Skokie Cy Lemick worked furiously to provide the best product and customer service possible. Through the years Cy created an unbelievably loyal customer base that is still with us today! The company has been incredibly prosperous in large part due to Cy.

In the infancy of the business Cy Lemick partnered with his son, Michael Lemick, at Cy Fredrics. Michael eventually introduced the second generation at Cy Fredrics.

Cy Fredrics grew and transitioned into its second location where it stands presently at 2719 Pfingsten Road in Glenview, IL on November 13th,1978.

Through the years Cy Fredrics has maintained its excellence in service and has continued to provide beautiful jewelry and watches to the northshore. Michael and the Cy Fredrics family considers itself extremely fortunate to have such great customers!

Cy Fredrics is proud to have served the Chicagoland area since 1958.